Home Warranty Bill Heard in Committee

The Senate Consumer Protection and Housing Committee just wrapped up its hearing on SB 5550 related to home warranties. As written, the AIA/WA strongly opposes SB 5550. The hearing included testimony by building inspectors, home owners, attorneys, contractors and architects. Jeffrey M. Hamlett, AIA, testified on behalf of the AIA Washington Council. He explained to the committee that the proposals in the bill will not prevent bad construction. Instead of focusing on creating new ways to sue architects and contractors, the legislature should focus improving the quality of contractors and construction. Improvements should also be made the home inspection requirements and processes. It is likely that this bill will continue to move forward while interested parties see if a compromise can be reached.

You can listen to the hearing at www.tvw.org, go to “Archives” and then to “Senate Committees” to find the right hearing.

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