Senate Adjourns Early Amid Wrangling on Simple Majority

In an unusual move, the Senate adjourned almost 2 hours before the 5 p.m. deadline on Wednesday. Senator Joe Zarelli (R-18, Ridgefield) moved to bring SJR 8207, simple majority for school levies, back to the floor. That move took precedent over other matters before the Senate. The Republicans had intended to provide enough votes to pass the measure out of the Senate and had informed the Democrats of that fact. However, the Senate Democrat leadership unexpectedly moved to adjourn rather than have another vote on SJR 8207.

The House version, HJR 4204, passed earlier in the week. Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown stated that she intends to move the house bill.

The Daily Olympian and the Vancouver Columbian have additional coverage of the story.

NOTE: This report has been updated to clarify the circumstances around the Senate’s early adjournment.