House Passes Reclaimed Water Bill

Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 6117, to promote the use of reclaimed water, passed the House late this evening. According to the bill report this bill:
  • Requires the state to expand both direct financial support and financial incentives for capital investments in water reuse and reclaimed water.
  • Creates one taskforce and two sub-taskforces to evaluate and make recommendations on various issues relating to the use of reclaimed water.
  • Concludes that a reclaimed water project that reduces the quantity of sewage effluent that is discharged directly into marine waters does not impair any existing water rights.
  • Requires state agencies and state facilities to use reclaimed water for nonpotable water uses, where feasible.
  • Requires the Department of General Administration to develop a proposal for a comprehensive, campus-wide plan for the use of nonpotable water for irrigation and related outdoor uses.

The AIA/WA has been supporting this bill as part of its overall efforts to promote more sustainable development in our state. The use of reclaimed water has the potential to expand the availability of usable water in our state, but current law has many obstacles to actually using it. The bill was amended in the House, so it now goes back to the Senate for concurrence.