Interior Design Bill Fails to Pass Committee

A bill to restrict the practice of interior design failed to pass a key legislative step today. SB 6707 prohibit anyone but a person licensed by the state from providing or offering to provide to offer interior design services.

As previously reported, the bill had a hearing on Tuesday of this week. The hearing highlighted a contentious split between interior designers for and interior designers against the bill. After the hearing, the chair of the committee, Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-36, Seattle), stated that the bill was not likely to move, “"The bottom line is that there's too much controversy with this bill for us to adequately deal with it all in a short session" (Associated Press article in the Seattle PI).

The House companion bills, HB 2895/HB 3223 also did not pass out of committee.

It would appear that the interior design licensure proposals are dead for the year. However, bills can be revived through parliamentary moves up until the legislature adjourns.

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