AIA Opposes Resolution 2008-07

Is it fair to hold one person accountable for the action or non-action of a group? One wouldn’t think so. However, that is exactly what Resolution 2008-07 will do. And, if you are an intern, the person who loses could be you.

The AIA and NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) partner to offer architects the opportunity to gain certification through the Intern Development Program (IDP). For participation IDP credits are awarded.

NCARB Resolution 2008-07 puts a time limit, commonly known as the “6 Month Rule,” on reporting internship training. If passed, Resolution 2008-07 will require candidates report their IDP credits every 6 months or lose them. AIA National President, Marshall E. Purnell, has sent two letters regarding AIA opposition to the institution of the “6 Month Rule” included in the Resolution.

Other stakeholders in the IDP process besides the intern – the System Administrator (NCARB), Mentor, and Supervisor—are responsible too. Several people must review, sign and submit forms, and can lose or misplace paperwork, or be late when responding to requests. However, only the intern can, and will, lose credits for processes left undone.

Further, in order to make reporting easier NCARB is transitioning to an electronic reporting system. Once the new electronic system is in place paper submissions of IDP training units will no longer be accepted. However, unforeseen glitches in the system could cause delays which, after the passage of Resolution 2008-07, would result in consequences for interns.

The AIA does not support Resolution 2008-07. The Council has received amazing response in opposition to the resolution. To express your opinion about Resolution 2008-07 send NCARB an email or call 202/879-0520.

The NCARB Annual Meeting begins tomorrow, June 25. For more information visit the NCARB website

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