Alaskan Way Viaduct Project Update

The Department of Transportation has publicly released the details about all eight proposals being considered for replacement of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. One proposal, scenario E, received some media attention when it became clear that the Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp, was a strong advocate for it. Scenario E has since been dubbed the “Choppway” or the “Megaduct” by local newspapers.

AIA Seattle, based on membership feedback, has long been a proponent of non-elevated solutions and the removal of the viaduct. However, the AIA has been actively evaluating the options.

Tayloe Washburn, president-elect of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, and the AIA had a lively discussion about the options, political influences, the likely affects on traffic congestion, and the best interest of the public. The meeting ended positively and the AIA is also setting up a meeting with Speaker Chopp to discuss his proposal.

The AIA will continue to work on the progression of the viaduct by meeting with legislators and partners, publicizing our position with our members, speaking with transportation experts and attending upcoming Nov/Dec Viaduct Advisory Board Meetings.

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