Architect Licensing Bill Passes Senate

Senate Bill 5529 (ESSB 5529), which modernizes the architecture licensing law, passed the Senate yesterday in a 42-2 vote (5 excused).

Senator Fred Jarrett, the prime sponsor, has our gratitude for all of his guidance and patience during the process. What had started out as a non-controversial bill became heated at times.

We are also grateful to Senator Chris Marr who stepped in to facilitate a compromise amendment and kept the bill moving. After the agreement was reached, Senator Marr made sure the bill was brought to the floor and passed.

And last, but definitely not least, we owe thanks to all of our members who e-mailed and called Senators over the last week. Without your effort this bill wouldn’t have gained the attention that it needed to continue.

The House bill, SHB 1634, remains stuck in the House Rules Committee, despite near-Herculean efforts by our sponsor Rep. Scott White. Now that the Senate bill has passed, it is likely the House will not move their version. Time on the floor to debate and pass bills is at a premium with just two days before the cutoff.

For more information you can check out various other postings on our blog under the licensing label or contact us at info@aiawa.org.

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