AIA/WA Testifies on a New Bond Bill

Rep. Hans Dunshee introduced a new bond bill, HB 2334, to fund higher education and elementary and secondary education projects. The bill focuses on “funding construction of safety, health, and energy-saving improvements to public facilities.” In addition, the bill says that “energy efficiency projects shall take priority” for funding.

AIA/WA testified in support of the goals of this legislation today the House Capital Budget Committee. Video of the testimony will be available here soon. For now you can listen to testimony by clicking below.

The money and purposes of projects in this legislation are certainly needed. The proposed state budget transfers $750 million out of the Capital budget and into the operating budget. That is creating a significant long-term problem for capital projects.

The AIA/WA also has a few concerns namely: accountability provisions in the bill and the section on “performance based contracting.”

The legislation supplies funds for building regardless of demonstrated value or worthiness of projects. Further, the bill does not ensure that institutions taking these funds, and making improvements, have a long term master plans for the buildings that will keep them from building inadequate facilities that they can’t alter cost effectively for a long time.

In summary, the design and construction monies in this bill are needed. Saving energy and improving health and safety are worthy endeavors. But, they are just a part of the purposes for which our buildings are built and operated.

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