Buy American Rule could Cause Problems for WA

According to a Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ) article, "Washington state business leaders are stepping up their warnings that the 'Buy American' provisions of the federal stimulus act could backfire on U.S. companies."

Don Brunell, president of the Association of Washington Business, is quoted in the article describing just how difficult it is for Washington companies to create anything made only of parts from the United States because so many "rely on global supply chains."

The biggest concern for Washington State is retaliation from Canada and/or the inability to use Canadian materials. The article notes that Canada was "the state’s largest trading partner last year" and exported over "$9.1 billion in exports."

The PSBJ states that the "issue is likely to pick up steam as more stimulus money ripples out across the nation this summer, and may be a concern in trade-dependent but relatively union-friendly Washington."

Read the article here.

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