New Law Impacts State Funded Residential Projects

A new law, effective 07/26/09, amends RCW 39.12.030 regarding awarding agency public works contract specifications. The law states: if an agency grants a contract and concludes the work entailed fits the definition of residential construction the contract must state that. [See SB 5903. A link to the law is provided below.]

The law also states that if workers on a project were paid residential minimum wage rates and its later determined that the project is actually considered commercial construction then all workers on the project must be paid the difference between residential and commercial minimum wage.

L&I stated that it “encourages agencies to exercise caution in designating residential construction rates in contract specifications, and is available to provide assistance on the issue.”

You may find a review of Prevailing Wage Policies 11242008, 10272008, and 07282008 helpful. You may access these policies through the links provided below. For further information, please contact L&I, Prevailing Wage, at pw1@Lni.wa.gov or 360-902-5335.


The New Law, Senate Bill 5903

Prevailing Wage Policies
11242008 (PDF)
10272008 (PDF)
07282008 (PDF)

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