New Rules for Harvesting Rainwater - Former President Publishes Article

Past AIA/WA President, Timothy Buckley, of Greenstone Architecture, recently published an article on rainwater harvesting in the Vancouver Business Journal. Although the collection and use of rainwater is beneficial to the environment, Washington architects have had a hard time getting rights to harvest it.

In his article Buckley notes, “for years, the region's green building community has been working with the DOE and the State Legislature to get the rules changed. Unlike our neighbors in Oregon, developers wishing to harvest rainwater in Washington were required to wade into a state water rights permit backlog - considered by many to be a futile effort.” However, as Buckley details further, some difficulties with water rights are changing.

You can read about all the new policies that are changing the rules on water harvesting and the entire article here.

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  1. I'm so glad these rules are changing. We need to promote more rainwater harvesting to meet our sustainability goals. I've been using it on some projects, but had to talk clients into not worrying about Dept of Ecology enforcement. The new rules are a huge relief for me and my clients.