AIA Opposes SBCC Move to L&I in Companion Bill

The AIA/WA testified in the Senate Economic Development, Trade & Innovation Committee, yesterday, Jan. 27, regarding Senate Bill 6515. SB 6515 is the companion of HB 2658 which proposes to move the State Building Code Council (SBCC) to the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I).

As previously written the AIA/WA opposes the move because there is a conflict between the function of L&I and the role of the SBCC. The SBCC does not conduct any enforcement activities, whereas L&I is enforcement oriented.

And, the AIA/WA is in opposition because the move would be greatly disruptive, while having no fiscal impact on the Department of Commerce (Commerce). SBCC is self-funded through fees.

The AIA|WA recommended SBCC remain at Commerce, but if it must be moved, that it be transferred the Department of General Administration (GA). GA has division of Engineering and Architecture services that deals with, and understands, codes and development rules. The suggestion was well received by the Committee.

You can see testimony by AIA/WA Executive Director, Stan Bowman, below.

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