No Design = No Construction, AIA|WA Testifies on the Capitol Budget

AIAWA testified in the House Capitol Budget committee yesterday regarding the broad based policy impacts of the 2010 Supplemental Capital Budget.

In this budget architects and design professionals took a disproportionally large loss, with some estimates saying that up to half of the construction/design budget was cut with the remaining dollars going toward “shovel ready” projects. The AIAWA testified to the mis-placement of design dollars noting that if buildings are not designed years in advance they can’t be built – so ultimately, if there are no design jobs there will be no construction jobs.

The AIAWA further noted our concern that the Governor is planning to transfer more money from the construction budget to put towards programs. Another cut would undeniably impact jobs in the construction/design sector. For every 10 million we spend on construction projects there are about 285 full-time jobs, with benefits, provided. New cuts could put hundreds of people out of work.

You can see the full hearing by clicking here. You can see testimony from AIAWA Director, Stan Bowman, below.

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