AIA|WA Supports Changing Requirements for SBCC Membership

The AIA/WA testified in support of HB 2775, in the Senate Government Operations & Elections Committee on Feb. 23. Previously the AIA/WA testified “with concerns” on HB 2775, regarding membership on the State Building Code Council (SBCC), on Jan. 21.

AIAWA was concerned with a section of the bill that would have made appointments to the SBCC subject to Senate confirmation. Currently members are appointed by the Governor with no confirmation procedure. Subjecting volunteers to confirmation could deter qualified people.

However, the section that mandated Senate confirmation was removed and the AIAWA testified in support of the remainder of the legislation.

HB 2275 will restrict people from representing a specific sector on the SBCC if they are no longer employed in that sector. AIA/WA believes this will ensure that SBCC members are appropriately knowledgeable for their sector.

You can see the AIAWA testimony below.

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