Legislation Attempts to Block Progress on the Energy Code

The AIA/WA testified in opposition to House Bill 2928 on Friday, Jan. 29. This bill was introduced because the Joint Administrative Rules Review Committee (JARRC) submitted two petitions regarding the State Building Code Council (SBCC) processes regarding creation of new energy codes.

JARRC asserts that the SBCC didn't complete the requested small-business impact statement or a satisfactory cost benefit analysis, so they turned to the legislature. The SBCC stated that it did comply with the requests of the JARRC in the best manner possible and that such an analysis based on one code, not all codes as a whole, is nearly impossible.

The AIA/WA believes the intent of this bill is focused on slowing the institution of new energy code policy adopted in 2009. HB 2928, while focused on the process of how the SBCC carried out its duties, effectively blocks implementation of the new energy code. If passed, HB 2928 will obstruct the new energy code policy and put Washington behind on its energy efficiency goals.

AIA/WA Executive Director Stan Bowman testified in opposition and Angie Homola, County Commissioner for Island County and a licensed architect, testified as well.

Homola sits on the SBCC and was able to highlight the rigorous steps taken by the SBCC during rule creation for the new state energy code. Homola testified in opposition and stated her willingness to work with the sponsor, Rep. Hasegawa, to find a different approach regarding processes.

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