AIA/WA Opposes 8215

When the State legislature returns on Tuesday, April 26, Substitute Senate Joint Resolution 8215 (SSJR 8215) will still be on the table for consideration. The AIA/WA opposes this legislation since it will restrict state construction spending and thereby negatively impact architects and the state economy as a whole. SSJR 8215 is moving way too fast to be considered good policy. However, because the legislation is being used as a political pawn to block passage of the capital budget, it continues to be debated.

AIA/WA Executive Director, Stan Bowman; AIA/WA President, Peter Rasmussen; and AIA/WA member, Walter Schacht testified to the importance of opposing this legislation during the final week of the regular legislative session. (SEE BELOW)

Proponents of SSJR 8215 say the legislation would save the state money. In reality the bill only shifts spending from critical infrastructure to other areas with lower economic returns. Over the course of ten years SSJR 8215 will take roughly $6.8 billion dollars away from construction spending!

As the AIA/WA funded Hebert Research study shows - every billion dollars spent on construction creates 13,820 jobs and $723 million in wages. That is nearly 1,000 more jobs and $55 million more in wages than if those same funds were spent in the general government budget.
Proponents of SSJR 8215 have stated that the bill will invest money in schools, social services and criminal justice. But, money spent on these services is nullified if there are no facilities to host the services. Better education cannot be offered without classrooms. Doctors cannot heal the sick without hospitals and clinics. Law enforcement cannot keep criminals off the street without police stations.

The AIA/WA will continue to oppose this SSJR 8215 with the legislature and in the media. If you would like to know more about what the AIA/WA, and the construction community, will be doing regarding this legislation contact us at stephanie@aiawa.org.

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