Calling All Stalled Projects

The AIA continues to promote policies that help turn our economy back around and get communities back to work building again. As part of this effort, the AIA must show the public, media and government the dire business climate our profession is facing in nearly every community in the country.

AIA National and the AIA|WA want to hear your real life experiences so we can tell this story. If you have projects that are being held up due to a lack of financing, or tied up because of regulatory burdens, we want to hear about them. Please email us and share your experience. 

Be sure to include:
Your name, firm name and contact information
The project type and name
City and state of the project
How large the project is, in terms of square feet and cost per square foot
How many jobs your firm or your contractors could hire if it moves forward, if known
An electronic picture of the project or design (jpeg or other similar format, please)
And answer the following questions:
Why has the project stalled?
Were any jobs lost due to the hold up?
Would an increase in the energy efficient tax deduction help this project move forward?
Would increased access to financing through the Small Business Administration or other programs help move the project forward?

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