There is money for your stalled project - the AIA can help

The AIA has launched a major initiative to develop a database that would assemble projects that have been stalled for no other reason than lack of financing. Concurrently, the AIA was contacted by a large number of investment firms asking to be listed in this database.

So, AIA National undertook a four-month long effort to develop a page on AIA.org - the Stalled Projects page http://www.aia.org/stalledprojects/index.htm, which will act as a networking website for real-estate investors and clients, the developers.

This unique page of AIA.org seeks to put architects more in control of their own destiny. Instead of waiting for the banks, members will be able to reach out to a group of investors who have chosen to list themselves for the sole reason of lending money to creditworthy projects.

In order for the initiative to be a success, AIA needs your help. Please list your stalled projects on this page, to populate the site so that investors will find it worthwhile! As times goes on, the AIA hopes to help build hundreds of working relationships and get stalled projects moving! Please email any comments about the site to stalledprojects@aia.org.

There’s money out there for your project; all that’s needed is for you to list it on the AIA’s Stalled Projects page.

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