AIA KnowledgeNet Summary: Network. Learn. Lead.

by David Peters
AIA|WA Communications Coordinator

Ever wished to connect more easily with fellow architects? Or discover new events and competitions for our field? Or wished continuing education credits were more accessible?

KnowledgeNet serves that purpose. Run by AIA National, KnowledgeNet is a social network that focuses purely on architecture and the many disparate fields that it impacts.

Users can network, learn, or lead through a wealth of activities on KnowledgeNet.
Connect, collaborate, learn from, or even compete with fellow architects. Maintain contacts from our field and develop new relationships with fellow design professionals.

Event, News and Information
From conferences to competitions, all the latest news from our profession is available here. Ask questions, get answers, or even contribute the wealth of expertise you have to fellow AIA members or emerging architects.

Knowledge Communities
These intuitive discussion boards allow for AIA members and associates to share their knowledge with others or around upcoming programs, training, or events

Many architectural design competitions are announced or even highlighted by AIA National through KnowledgeNet, allowing for further achievement, oftentimes for notable causes, in our field.

Free continuing education credits can be earned from attending web-based seminars. If you miss the webinar, you can download a copy of the presentation, complete with Q&A session.

With AIA’s KnowledgeNet, connecting with fellow architects is even easier. Join us today

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