Ninth Court of Appeals Ruling Impacts AIA|WA Architects

On 25 June 2012, a three-judge panel with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Tacoma upheld a federal ruling for energy efficiency standards in homes. AIA|WA is pleased to announce this recent victory which positively impacts fellow architects and their clients by making homes more sustainable long-term as well as encouraging renovation.

The challenge is not over yet, however…

The AIA|WA’sPolitical Action Committee is actively fighting for fairer contracts for deisgn firms. A recent case prompted this action. A firm was hired to perform code review. The client drew a contract requiring indemnify for client’s defense, regardless of the design firm’s fault. The client was sued despite the design firm performing their job properly. As such, the firm was forced to pay $200,000 out of pocket—and not covered by insurance either.

Unfair contracts like this should never happen. Firms should only pay for their mistakes not the mistakes of others, nor sign such contracts.

AIA|WA’sPolitical Action Committee (APAC) is working side-by-side with state legislators to prevent these unfair contracts through drafting SHB 1559, a new bill that says architects and design professionals can’t be forced to indemnify or pay for the defense of a client when those architects did nothing wrong.

We need architects standing with us for fairer contracts and to send a message to state legislators for fairer laws and greater accountability.

Will you stand with us?

Making a donation to APAC will help us continue to fight for this and other legislation that impacts your business and the business of fellow design firms across the state.

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