Advocacy Resources: Preparing for Capitol Connections and Beyond

Information empowers architects: whether at work or home. That's why AIA Washington Council developed a new advocacy portal at: aiawa.org/advocacy

Advocacy Portal

The AIA|WA Advocacy Portal is designed to get you to content as quickly as possible, whether on a tablet or workstation. One-click leads to:
  • Bill tracking
  • Policy Committees
  • Policy Discussion Forums
  • Washington State legislator finders
  • State Committee Rosters
  • Attorney General contact info
  • Licensing Board contact info

Bill Tracking

Keeping track of the latest legislation impacting topics as diverse as sustainable design, building codes, or design services could be daunting. The process is simplified: you can download the entire bill tracker (with quick summaries of bills first) or choose a specific focus area, named after AIA Washington Council's Policy Committees.

You can all bills tracked at: aiawa.org/tracking

Policy Committees

Architects are busy and Policy Committees reflect this by design:
Simply join and respond to emails on specific issues.

You'll join architects who are as deeply passionate about the subject area as you are. There's no useless clutter or passwords to remember. Click here to join any policy committee you wish.

If you see a bill in each week's tracking list, alert us. We're constantly listening to AIA members and select peers they invite (such as city/state code officials, engineers in sustainable design, etc.)

Policy Discussion Forums

For those wishing to got a step further than joining a policy committee, we created discussion forums. This allows for long-form discussions that enable fellow architects to provide insight on every topic affecting the practice of design in Washington. Click here to visit them.

This is just a taste of what you have to look forward to, for free, while contributing to AIA Washington's positions on public policy. Your expertise yields results, such as testimonies listed here.

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