Architects join together to protect Building Code Cycle (VIDEO)

The Washington State building code is under attack.

Fortunately, Washington architects testified yesterday to protect the health, safety, and welfare--as well as promote sustainable design:
  • Mike Fowler, AIA, AIA|WA Codes & Planning Policy Committee Chair
  • Bill Sloane, AIA, MSGS Architects
  • Janet Knoblach, AIA, Morton Safford James III AIA Architects
They spoke before the House Local Government Committee against ESB 5378, which seeks to weaken the State's energy by switching from a gradual, standardized three-year cycle to a costlier six-year cycle. Such a change would also mean Washington design and construction professionals aren't as valuable on a national scale, since national building and energy codes follow a three-year cycle. Lastly, smaller, more frequent updates to code better prepare architects for the 2030 Challenge.

That's the power of architects working together for the greater good:

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