Local Architects testify before House Capital Budget Committee on High-Performance Buildings

"Process is as important as product," Rep. Hans Dunshee (44th District) said, introducing a panel of expert testimony from the following local design & construction professionals:
  • Allyn Stellmacher, ZGF Architects
  • Todd Stine, ZGF Architects
  • Patrick Gordon, ZGF Architects
  • Jack Avery, Sellen Construction
The purpose was two-fold: 1) demonstrate the benefits from high-performance design and 2) share why quality-based selection benefits both the private firms competing as well as the community served by their project.

Take a look:

ZGF and Sellen lent their expertise from designing and constructing the Federal Center South Building 1202 for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Goals that ZGF aimed for: LEED Gold Certification, 200k ft of reused lumber from a decommissioned warehouse, eliminate 61% of water baseline demand, exceed 2007 ASHRAE 90.1 by 40%, and achieve overall EUI of 20.3 KBTU/SF/YR.

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