AIA Washington Council endores Peter Steinbrueck, FAIA for Seattle Mayor

Do you know that an architect is running for mayor of Seattle, one of the major cities in the United States?

This should be of significant pride and importance to everyone in our profession, everywhere. Peter Steinbrueck, FAIA, needs your support and he needs it now. As architects, we all know the need for consensus building to move projects forward. With the issues Seattle has faced in recent years: traffic gridlock, struggling schools, homelessness and public safety concerns, the need for a thoughtful, skilled, consensus builder, coupled with strong leadership in the mayor’s office is greater than ever. 

AIA Washington Council has endorsed Peter Steinbrueck, FAIA, for Mayor of Seattle.

We are asking you to give him your support as well. It takes vision and leadership to win a mayor’s race. It also takes money to get the word out. Please donate $25 to Peter’s campaign today.

Few architects have been elected mayor of any city. Here is a perfect opportunity to elect an architect with experience, skill and passion to lead Seattle.

Peter spent 10 years on the Seattle City Council, two years as president. He drafted Seattle’s downtown livability plan. He set the path for reconnecting the city to the waterfront. He was recognized nationally for his work to end homelessness. He is a lifelong environmentalist.

Peter didn't stop there.

He developed strategies to revitalize Seattle’s more than 40 unique neighborhoods and prepare them for future growth while protecting the unique character of each. He’s championed affordable housing so people can live close to where they work.

As mayor, Peter will lead the Seattle to create complete neighborhoods, where services, parks, restaurants, schools and transit options are within a short walk of your home.

Peter also knows that to succeed, Seattle has to be part of a regional and statewide game plan. He served on the Puget Sound Regional Council Growth Management Policy Board, Regional Transit, and the Executive Board of the Association of Washington Cities.

He's looking at sustainable solutions holistically, understanding that we need to plan for the next fifty years, not merely the next five.

As mayor of Seattle, Peter will make architects proud. Please take time to donate today, the primary election is August 6. We are only asking that you contribute $25. If every one of us donates, he will be able to share his message with a larger number of Seattle voters.

A passion of for Seattle, a passion for architecture

Peter is a lifelong Seattle resident. During the past five years he has been a university lecturer and a frequent speaker, writer, and thought-leader around the world on sustainable cities.

He was a Harvard Loeb Fellow from 2009 to 2010, focusing his research and independent scholarly studies on urban environmental policy in the U.S.

He co-founded the AIA Center for Civic Leadership.

Our profession, our state, will be proud to have an architect mayor leading Seattle.

How Can You Help

Please make a donation. By going to the www.peterforseattle.com campaign website now. We are asking for a $25 show of support for architect Peter Steinbrueck.

Of course, you can donate more if you would like. Please note that the maximum contribution is $700 per person or per firm.

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