Peter Steinbrueck, FAIA recognized at AIA National Convention 2013

Stan Bowman from AIA National Convention 2013:
Today, Peter Steinbrueck, FAIA, was recognized at the AIA 2013 National Convention for his historic run for the Mayor of Seattle. More than 16,000 architects applauded him for his courageous career in public service.

Peter has been an active member of the AIA serving in leadership roles in the local and national levels. He was a founding supporter the AIA's Citizen Architect network. The network was created to support and encourage architects in public service roles through elected and appointed government positions.

AIA President Mickey Jacob, FAIA, thanked Peter for his service to the profession and encouraged architects from across the nation to support his run for office.

There is currently no major city in the nation that has an architect serving as its mayor. Yet, architects' innate skills of collaboration and project management are desperately needed to help solve today's urban social and environmental challenges.

Peter's experience as an architect and as a Seattle city council member (for 10 years) make him the most qualified candidate to lead Seattle during this time of change.

Architects from across the nation also came together this morning to support Peter financially at a breakfast fundraiser. These events demonstrate the broad national support for Peter's run for Seattle Mayor.

For more information about Peter Steinbrueck, FAIA, and his campaign, please visit his website at: www.peterforseattle.com.

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