Post-primary update: Architect, Candidate Favored to Win

The AIA/WA supported architect, Sue Lani Madsen, running in the 7th district was the clear leader after the Washington primary on Tuesday, August 19th. Madsen took the lead (formerly held by candidate Shelly Short) by over 400 hundred votes. Short has had some personal complications that may have contributed to her drop in popularity.

However, it could be that Madsen’s campaign to meet the people of the 7th district face-to-face is what has turned the tide in her favor. Madsen has a wealth of knowledge and personal insight regarding the 7th district as she is the founding partner of Madsen Mitchell Evenson Conrad, an architectural firm in Spokane, and owns another small business in Edwall.

Because the State has a top-two primary both Short and Madsen will be in the general election despite the fact that both candidates are in the same party. The AIA supports Madsen and hopes to help further her success. If Madsen wins she would be the only Washington state legislator from the architectural profession.

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