Spokesman Review Endorses Architect Sue Lani Madsen for Legislature

From the October 15 Spokesman Review:

7th District, House Position 1: Both of the finalists for this seat would bring more energy and ideas to the position than retiring Rep. Bob Sump. Both have a pro-business, social conservative viewpoint. Both see the job as more than just voting no on the majority's agenda.

Sue Lani Madsen owns an architectural business and her family also runs a small ranching business from their spread in Edwall. Her key strengths are in business and health care issues. She is past president of the Washington Rural Health Association and serves on a rural advisory committee for the Washington Health Foundation. She acknowledges that the employer-based health care model is inadequate in trying to expand access to care. She points to the excessive mandates for insurance companies as one problem. Madsen also wants to work in the Legislature on strategies to recruit and retain medical workers in rural communities.

Like Madsen, Shelly Short is bright and engaged on the issues that are most important to the district. Her knowledge is derived from her years working for state Rep. Joel Kretz, U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and former U.S. Rep. George Nethercutt.

Short has the endorsement of Sump and the Building Industry Association. Madsen is favored by the National Federation of Independent Business.

We could recommend either candidate were it not for the controversy over Short family's personal finances. At a time when the Shorts were struggling with credit card debt, her husband Mitch Short was accused of dipping into the Northeast Washington Fair Association checking account. He now faces a theft charge. Shelly Short may not be culpable, but explanations thus far leave us uneasy.

Madsen is a safe, solid choice.

For more information on Sue Lani Madsen’s campaign visit her website at www.suelanimadsen.com

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