Architect and Legislative Candidate Sue Lani Madsen in the News

The Spokesman Review ran an article today that highlighted the legislative contest featuring architect Sue Lani Madsen, AIA. The architectural community in Washington remains keenly interested in Sue Lani’s efforts to be a part of state government. If elected, she will be the first architect to serve in the legislature in more than 20 years. Sue Lani has been an AIA member since her days as a student at Washington State University. Active at the local and state level, she has helped the AIA regarding land use planning, licensing, liability and tax policies. The article details Sue Lani’s integrity and broad experience in the local community. Here are a few quotes from the article.

• “Madsen, 52, is a founding partner in the architectural firm of Madsen Mitchell Evenson and Conrad.”

• “Sue Lani Madsen graduated from Ferris High School in Spokane and earned two bachelor's degrees from Washington State University. She began practicing architecture in 1981 and formed her own company in 1999.”

• “Madsen said her clients have been mostly in the 7th District, including rural hospitals, school districts and community organizations.”

• “Her community service ranges from assistant battalion chief in Edwall's volunteer fire department to president of the Washington Rural Health Association. She also has been president of the Spokane regional chapter of the American Institute of Architects.”

The race is becoming controversial because of her opponent’s (Shelly Short) significant financial problems, “But Short is encumbered with unpaid bills and a husband who was charged in August with aggravated first-degree theft.” The article reports:

• “Short has a $36,129 Internal Revenue Service lien, a state tax warrant seeking $1,120 and a $12,328 judgment for delinquent credit-card debt.”

• “Short was $2,495 in arrears on her property taxes for 2007 and the first half of 2008, including penalties…”

• “Court records also show a woman who worked for the Shorts' Your Body Electric natural remedies business sued them in February 2007 for $5,044 in alleged unpaid wages.”

• “Three months ago, the state Employment Security Department filed a tax warrant against the [Shorts’] family business in an effort to collect $1,120. State officials said that was the balance on unpaid unemployment insurance premiums that originally totaled $3,842.”

For more information about Sue Lani Madsen’s race, visit her website at http://www.suelanimadsen.com/.

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