Architects Testify Against Increased Liability

On Wed, Feb 5, the AIA\WA President Jeffrey Hamlett, Callison-Seattle; and AIA\WA immediate Past President Timothy Buckley, Greenstone Architecture-Vancouver; testified against House Bills 1045 and 1393.

Timothy Buckley testified on behalf of the AIA Washington Council and our members. Jeffrey Hamlett is also the current President of the Architects & Engineers Legislative Council (AELC) and testified on their behalf.

House Bills 1045 and 1393 are strongly opposed by the AIA\WA. As they are currently written these bills include design professionals as liable for construction flaws and product flaws in residential construction– damages found by the original owner of the home and ALL subsequent owners. Most erroneous, with passage of these bills architects would lose the ability to be covered by professional liability insurance when doing residential construction; thus making architects open to frivolous lawsuits.

Both Jeffrey and Timothy testified that these bills will encourage architects to stop all residential construction rather than be the victims of expensive and unfounded legal action. You can view this testimony below.

To see the full hearing please click here to visit TVW.

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