Architecture Licensing Bill Recieves a Hearing

HB 1634, to modernize the architecture licensing law, had a hearing Friday before the House Commerce & Labor Committee. Two of the AIA\WA Board were present to testify, current President, Jeffrey Hamlett, AIA, Callison - Seattle; and Past-President Timothy Buckley, Greenstone Architecture - Vancouver, along with AIA\WA Executive Director, Stan Bowman.

The bill updates the architecture law qualification standards, streamlines the corporate registration requirements and clarifies the exemptions. The bill enjoyed broad support from architects, building designers, building officials, engineers and landscape architects. The bill needs to pass the committee before February 20. The Chair of the House Commerce & Labor Committee, Steve Conway, stated that with "no opposition" they would "move the bill along."

The AIA\WA is optimistic that this bill will pass this year.

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