The Seattle Housing Levy

Since, AIA Seattle is dedicated to promoting sustainability in the built environment they urge a YES vote for Proposition 1, the Seattle Housing Levy, also known as Yes for Homes.
Renewal of the Housing Levy will:

  • Provide 1,850 affordable homes serving thousands of families and individuals over the next 50 years.
  • Continue to help our most vulnerable neighbors including seniors, people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence and working families.
  • Create design and construction jobs that are sorely needed in our community.

Successful passage of the 2009 Housing Levy is especially relevant to the architectural community in the following ways:

Jobs and the Economy
An inflow of affordable housing projects can assist the architectural community through one of the toughest times in our industry and help provide jobs for the thousands both in architecture and our allied professions to help spur our economy and keep Seattle moving.

Livable Communities
Seattle architects are dedicated to promoting livable communities beyond the building envelope. Livable communities include a wide variety of housing for all income levels.

Civic Engagement
The spirit of civic education and engagement is encouraged and applauded within the architectural profession and has been formally adopted as a profession-wide policy. Support of the Seattle Housing Levy is a natural extension of the work of civically-engaged architects in increasing the quality of life in our communities.

If you would like more information about AIA Seattle’s stance on Proposition1 please visit:

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  1. Washington's leading progressive organization all support the levy. Check out the Progressive Voters Gude at http://progressivevotersguide.com/2009/washington/?src=comment.
    Here's guide entry on the levy: The Housing Levy has a long track record of providing housing assistance for our most vulnerable: low-income families, seniors, people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence and the homeless. A YES vote to RENEW the Housing Levy will provide 1,850 affordable homes, prevent homelessness for more than 3,000 families and individuals and renew a successful investment that creates more than 4,000 jobs and brings additional funds into our community. Renewing the seven-year levy would replace the expiring levy and cost the typical Seattle homeowner $65 per year, or $5.50 per month. In a challenging economy Proposition 1 creates housing stability and provides much-needed family wage jobs.