Another Bill Aims to Change the SBCC

The State Building Code Council (SBCC) continues to be under fire in the legislature. The AIA/WA testified on HB 2775, regarding membership on the state building code council, yesterday, Jan. 21 in the House Local Government & Housing Committee.

Portions of the bill seek to change the appointment process for members of the SBCC. HB 2775 would make appointments subject to Senate confirmation. Currently members are appointed by the Governor with no confirmation procedure. Subjecting volunteers to confirmation could deter qualified and necessary people from serving on the SBCC.

HB 2775 would also put restriction on board members appointed to represent a specific sector, if they are not longer employed in that sector. This element of the bill is supported by the AIA/WA as it will ensure that SBCC members are appropriately knowledgeable for their sector.

You can see the AIA/WA testimony below.

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