QBS Saves More Money than "Lowest Bid"

The AIAWA is continuously checking to ensure that Qualification Based Selection (QBS) is used when procuring architectural services in Washington State. QBS keeps requests for proposals focused on competency not cost. Many times groups or agencies try to circumvent these standards because they don’t allow rummaging for a “low bidder” and therefore projects cost more.

However, according to an article in BNi Building News, a recent study finds that QBS does in fact save Government agencies more money! Using QBS also, “consistently meant lower overall construction costs, reduced change orders, better project results and more highly satisfied owners.”

The study was conducted jointly by the University of Colorado and Georgia Institute of Technology. The article states, “Researchers drew from a database of approximately 200 public and private construction projects in 23 states. The sample included transportation, water, commercial, and industrial projects, ranging in size from relatively small projects to those costing hundreds of millions dollars. The study compared various procurement methods including: Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS); Best Value, Low- Bid, and Sole Source.”

You can read the entire article here.

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